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NSFVOF, is an association for those who possess fishing rights on the lake.

NSFVOF is an organisation which is handles the operational and conservational aspects of fishing at lake Norra Sämsjön.  

It also strives to further the common interests of fishing water owners and provide the opertunity for the public

to fish at lake.

Norra Sämsjön is the largest lake in Herrljunga, 4,88 km2. It is situated near Borås and is surrounded by silent forests and open farmland. Norra Sämsjön is 185 m above sea level and has 10 small islands. 

The most common species of fish are pike, perch, pike-perch, bream, common roach but you can also catch common carp and burbot. 

So regardless of you are just passing by or are planning a vacation we offer you a varm welcome to lake Norra Sämsjön.

NSFVOF offers the public the possibility to fish in lake Norra Sämsjön by selling fishing permits in the form of cards.


To fish in the lake Norra Sämsjön you need a fishing card. You can buy one of these from the dealerships listed at the down below. We offer a number of different cards depending on whether you wish to fish for the day or a longer period.

Prices valid for 2021

60 Sek

300 Sek

100 Sek

500 Sek

600 Sek


  • 24 hours                      

  • 7 days

  • Icefishing / day / 5 jiggings

  • 1 year                   

  • Groups >10 person

  • Up to 18 years is free fishing

The fishing card is made out to a specific individual and is not transferable for use by anyone else.  It must be carried at all times when you are fishing, together with an IDcard.

If a police officer or fishing official asks to check your permit, please show your fishing card and your equipment without delay.

General fishing Rules for NSFVOF 2021

The fishing card allows fishing in the lake Norra Sämsjön according to the rules set by NSFVOF.

  • The maximum size of perch and pike-perch to land is 50 centimeters. Please release and return big fish to the water.

  • No fishing for pike-perch between May 15th and June 15th.

  • No fishing for Common Carp during 1-15th of August.

  • Fishing is not permitted near planted nets or equipment so that they may be damaged.

  • You may only use equipment such as fishing rods, jigging, casting rods or fly-fishing rods.

  • Max. two rods per card. Up to the age of 18, you can fish without a fishing card. The same fishing rules apply.

  • You may fish a maximum of 3 pike-perch in the same day and with the same fishing card. 

  • Jigging is only allowed on settled ice. Max. 5st jiggings per card.

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